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Thursday, 19/04/2018
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Welcome to HEPA Eco-Farming School
HEPA is located on approximately 500 ha of mountainous primary rainforest containing the beautiful Huyen Vi Waterfall and Rao An River. Its highest elevations are designated “sacred forest” preserved for worshiping nature. The middle elevation is an area for study and research, while the lowland is an ecological farming area. HEPA was established in 2002 under the Decision No.1230/QĐUB with a 50-year land use rights Certificate to protect the natural forest, undertake reforestation of disturbed areas, and provide a facility for indigenous ethnic minority students in the Mekong Region to practice, learn and research sustainable ecological farming harmonizing between humans and nature. Today, much of reforestation work has been done and student practice farms are being converted into self-sustaining fully productive ecological farms. HEPA’s philosophy is Nurturing Nature, which reflects the great gratitude to nature through agricultural system design and land use planning based on fundamental characteristics of Nature. HEPA persistently worships the watershed Eco-Home, where humans and other living things co-exist in harmony with nature, and where indigenous knowledge and native species are shared and exchanged towards the strategy of biodiversity preservation and development.... Download for details!
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Local Knowledge in Choc Lo Tra Hat - H'mong
10-06-2011 - 09:10:50
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