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Thursday, 21/03/2019
Beyond nature worship
Sovereignty for natural nursery
Freedom factor and figure
Beyond localization (inter-gengeration)
Thejani presented research progress on native forest trees in Huong Son area
Towards realization of the strategy of restoring forest landscape with native forest species (following up the scientific conference program Rainforestation farming in the Philippines), research on popular native species in Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province was implemented by Thejani (FK internship program), Thu and Miriam (HEPA staff) and with the help of the research and publication group in SPERI.

The research was conducted over more than one month and focused deeply on eight household farms in four villages in Son Kim 1, Huong Son district, Ha Tinh province. In the morning of 1st July, the group presented the results /collected information at this stage and would like to get advice for data analysis. Many useful suggestions for the group were contributed by LISO members.

Source: FFS-HEPA staff.

Thejani presented research results at this phase

 The colleagues were listening to Thejani’s presentation 

Thejani presented about De species (a type of woody tree in Cinnamomum genus)

 The colleagues together discussed and gave comments
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- Beyond nature worship
- Sovereignty for natural nursery
- Freedom factor and figure
- Beyond localization (inter-gengeration)
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