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Friday, 14/12/2018
Beyond nature worship
Sovereignty for natural nursery
Freedom factor and figure
Beyond localization (inter-gengeration)
The workshop closing basic education programs and orienting an advanced education programs for K2A & K3A classes
The education program of young eco-farmers in FFS-HEPA has finished phase one and moved on to phase two. FFS-HEPA organized a workshop on 18th of May to review the phase one of education program of K2A & K3A student classes. At the same time the workshop discussed the orientation of advanced education program for students in phase two.

The workshop was organized with participation of representatives of SPERI board Prof. Khong Dien, Mr. Duong Quang Chau, Mr. Nguyen Cao Cuong representatives of key farmer network: Mr. Phuoc; Mrs. Binh (from Quang Binh) and Mr. Binh (from Son Kim commune), representatives of local government Mr. Nguyen Khac Thu and Mr. Tran Quoc Viet and entire FFS-HEPA staff and students.

The results of workshop have been summarized: 

 For five students:

1)      Five K2A & K3A students presented well their results of four years (with K2A) and two years (with K3A) in FFS-HEPA.
2)      Three students presented the plans of building and developing their own farms. In which Anong & Oudom are two students who will develop their farms in their own villages; Phaly has decided to develop an eco-farm in HEPA. In addition, three students (Anong, Uodom and Phaly) will spend 50 percent of their time involve in CHESH Laos programs and FFS–HEPA for research and community development activities (detailed plans are improving)
3)      Inta will develop handicraft network in villages with the group of social enterprise (SENT) of SPERI. Currently, she will stay in HEPA for six months to practice tailoring and dyeing skills, and also to share those skills for women in HEPA.
4)      Thang will study in FFS-Long Lan for one year on the topics of management and protection of forest-based communities and the process of growing and selling vegetables in Long Lan village
   For the education program

1)      Education program needs to be evaluated entirely to prepare input for next year. 

   For the strategy of developing HEPA in next three years

1)      Mrs. Phuong shared the HEPA development orientation for three years
2)      HEPA manager will continue to learn and work with the board and professional groups to go into detail of HEPA development orientation for the next 3 years.

   Please share some pictures of the workshop
   Source: FFS-HEPA and Tran Thanh Toan

Anong was presenting his plan to build and develop a farm in his community

Anong was listening to comments from Prof. Khong Dien for his plan

Miriam made comments on student plans

Mr. Tran Trong Binh comments upon student plans

Thang was presenting the results after two year studying in FFS–HEPA

Phaly was presenting the development plan for Poovzoov farm in HEPA

Mrs. Minh Phuong was sharing the HEPA orientation for the next three years

Prof. Khong Dien was summarizing the workshop

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